Cars : NASCARs
Model year : up to 1970
Scale : 1/24 and 1/25
Body : Injection hardbody right out of the kit with no changes. No wheel well trimming but you may remove inner motor walls often present at American kits.
Mount all bumpers.
Mount out-of-the-kit dashboard, steering wheel, front seats and inner side covers.
You may customize rear seats to fit the motor properly but motor should be covered anyway.
Mount a rollcage with at least two tubes to the rear.
Mount out-of-the-kit front and rear windws.
Paint the body fully.
Mount all mirrors, door handles and body chrome parts right out of the kit.
Decals : Nascar, Grand National (Stock Car)
Driver : Complete injection and 3D.
Chassis : free choice.
Track clearance : at least 2mm.
Axle width : 68mm maximum including tires.
Axle bearings : Bush bearings, no ball bearings.
Tire types : Rubber only, no foam.
Benzerath 8500900 Michelin, 25 shore
Ortmann "wieselflink" 0018A.
Diameter : at least 27mm.
Rim type : free choice. Use out-of-the-kit wheel inserts for design.
Diameter : at least 15mm, 17mm maximum.
Motor : Racegold Tuning.
black Carrera.
Scaleauto SC-0002. No motor tuning at all!
Pinion : free choice .
Driving type : free choice .