You are going to enter the very first one and only official and inofficial home of a really weird species that fights battles, burns money and even risks life for spare time and in spare time. This kind of species is called SLOTRACER and loves to spend itīs time by doing the most weird thing in the world: moving tiny little cars around a slot track …… as fast as possible!
We know there do exist people who are bored by this kind of wasting their time. Those people better move on – we donīt want to waste their time. But if you call yourself a member of this weird species then feel free to visit our site. Have a look at our races, our drivers and all the great pics of the cars we built and race. Enjoy your stay, we appreciate your visit.
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28.04.2020: New Classics Entries, new Vintage Slotcar Entries
16.07.2017: New Vintage Slotcar Entries
17.03.2015: New Vintage Slotcar Entries
30.08.2014: New Classics Entries, new Vintage Slotcar Entries